Baisakhi Mela 2024

Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant celebration of ‘Baisakhi Da Mela 3.0’ returning with a spectacular flair at Rotunda, AIRIA Mall! Indulge in the rich Punjabi essence with an array of exciting activities, games, and attractions.



Gullak Painting

Children can unleash their creativity by painting colorful designs, patterns, cartoons, or any other artwork on the piggy banks & take them along.


Step back in time with our mesmerizing bioscope, featuring a curated selection of historical footage, silent films, animations, and more, specially tailored for the joyous occasion of Baisakhi.

Pottery Making 

A hands-on, tactile activity that allows individuals to tap into their creativity, learn about traditional crafts, and create functional or decorative items to take home.


Ring Toss

Test your aim and precision with our classic ring toss game, where every toss brings excitement and anticipation, making it a favorite for all ages at the Baisakhi festivities.

Bucket Ball

Try your hand at bucket ball, aiming to land the perfect shot and add some friendly competition to the Baisakhi festivities.

Shooting Balloons

Attendees can delight in the festivities of Baisakhi Da Mela by engaging in the lively activity of balloon shooting. Using toy guns, participants aim to pop balloons, adding an element of fun and excitement to the celebration.


Lassi Tu Fassi (lassi drinking competition)

Take on the refreshing lassi challenge, where contestants compete to gulp down the creamy goodness in record time, adding a delicious twist to the Baisakhi festivities.

Bhangra Freeze Game (competition)

Get into the Baisakhi groove as participants dance to the energetic beats of Bhangra music, showcasing their moves and spirit. But when the music pauses unexpectedly, they must freeze in their dancing stance, adding a thrilling twist to the celebration.

Fastest Turban Munda (competition)

Experience the rich tradition of Punjab with our Turban Tying Challenge, where participants race against the clock to master the art of tying the iconic turban, adding a cultural flair to the Baisakhi festivities.


Bhangra Workshops/Performances

It’s a fantastic opportunity for individuals to learn about Punjabi culture, get some exercise, and have fun dancing with others in a group setting.

Live Singing

It’s an opportunity for singers to shine, share their love for music, and connect with the community through their performances.

Gurgaon's Happiest Baisakhi festival

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