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Smaaash is a dynamic entertainment brand that specializes in providing interactive and immersive experiences blending sports, virtual reality, and dining. Offering a diverse array of engaging games, sports simulations, and VR experiences, Smaaash caters to both individuals and groups, emphasizing active participation and entertainment. 


Cinepolis is recognized for its commitment to quality entertainment, often showcasing a diverse selection of films, including blockbusters, independent movies, and special screenings.

Fun City

Fun City is an ultimate family entertainment centre which creates a world of thrills. This zone promises to deliver excitement and fun with rides that are a never-before experience. It houses India’s first Paradrop VR, Air Racer, Drop & Twist, Disk ‘O’ 16, Bumper Ring, apart from a variety of games and rides to cater to all age groups. A complete family package that guarantees to deliver squeals of joy and roars of laughter whichever the ride, whichever the game.