Dino-Land 2024

AIRIA Mall has listened to its customers and is thrilled to announce the return of the beloved “Dinoland,” now better than ever. This revitalized attraction redefines the traditional theme park experience, offering visitors an extraordinary journey back to the prehistoric era.
Building upon the success of its initial debut, Dinoland now promises an even more immersive and enriching adventure. Spanning a vast and beautifully designed landscape, Dinoland features:
– Life-sized animatronic dinosaurs that bring the giants of the past to life.
– Interactive exhibits that engage visitors of all ages in the wonders of paleontology.
– A variety of exciting activities, including fossil digs and educational workshops
Join us at AIRIA Mall`s Dinoland for a memorable adventure that combines fun, education, and awe-inspiring encounters with the friendly Dinosaurs.


26th May 2024 
– 30th Jun 2024


4:00 pm 
– 9:00 pm


Ground Floor


+91 7428720050